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Thursday, April 01, 2004
...just me...

well hmm there is a lot i need to say but i cant say it all... startin off well Annie was awesome!! nice job Holly. anyways school has been up ok i guess today it was kinda funny. me n rachel's locker got jammed so we were walkin in the hallway by ourselves... mr. keener ((fave ss teacher)) turns the corner wearing a toga a purple strap and sum flippin plant on his head and starts chasing us lol it was like atack of the roman teacher it was great fun. i guess ill go through my plans for the weekend b4 i tell ya bout my life. jenn is coming over tomorrow night n we are going to eddie's party. if she gets grounded for her grades then im going to leigh's house coz i love her :) hehe im working saturday. going to kent island / annapolis on sunday to look at houses. yeh thats my weekend. ive been asi asi as leigh would say for all u latin people out there thats spanish for so so. ive been dealing with a lot trying to figure out how im supposed to pay $350 for my chorus trip and $165  for convention for MASC in ocean city not to mention the $600 ima need for just texas and utah. and then ocean city  like every other weekend and for the rest of the summer so all in all im looking for about $1315... now for all u people who work at chick fil a. or any fast food resaurant. ummm u dun wanna spend ur money like that :( ... and the list still goes on forever of things i have to get done before the end of the school year. i havnt hung out with corey since at least january. its a scary thing not to see us together... we took like a two month break over the summer when i was with leigh n amberly. but 4 months frightens me a lot ... n im not gunna be here for much longer and i wont be able to take many memories of anyone really except for leigh. which i guess is cool at least i got her :) if anyone has the switchfoot cd and feels like either burning it for me or letting me burn it i woulld grately appreciate that and love u for life! i kinda gotta save every last penny!!! ahh. i really havnt been feeling anything like angry sad mad happy excited or anything ive just been me i guess. nothin more nothin less. its a weird feelin to not have any emotions what so ever but im not complaining. well ima bout to go call jennifer so call my cell if u wanna do something when im not doing something else this weekend. lol ttyl mwahz

Posted at 4/1/2004 4:34:34 pm by lilbeckaboo
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Tuesday, March 23, 2004
life in waves

well well well. hmm lets see on sunday church was pretty interesting we were talking about sex. and what the bible thinks about that. anywho i went out to eat with my parents at the panera bread. their onion soup in a sourdough bread bowl is sooo yummy!!! :) lol then i came home and jess bre krystal n ms.pam came n picked me up n we all went ice skating. fun times watching bre fall every 5 minutes! haha. then we went to youth group which was kinda shock. i wont get into detatils but i got ta see muh girl kirstie! i hadnt seen her for a whole week ! oh no. lol but yep jenn got to come so it was really cool. then i didnt get to bed till late coz i took a shower and got bored and decided to use the small curling iron to curl my whole freaking head! lol yep so when i woke up i had to curl it again and then my mom was working at mcdonough so i had to do 4 things at once to get out the door on time. yeh i pretty much didnt. lol so school was pretty gay i once again fell asleep in 8th pd. geese if latin wasnt so boaring im sure i would stay awake. and somehow i manage to have an 86 in that class... hmm a lil weird eh? well anyways i come home change into my clothes for work. grabo something to wear for the sonicflood concert after work. and i went to CFA and work started out alright i guess. i kinda was in a rough mood to begin with and then my shift leader came in and started gettin on my case for the most dumb stuff ever and sayin mean things to me and just making me feel retarded like i was nothing and i was in the way. and when ur my age working at chick fil a where someone who is in authority over you makes you feel like that u want to cry. so he told me boss me and caren were talking and just standing there. and yeh i will admit we were... FOR TWO MINUTES! uhg and then ben came up and said hi. and usually when i see him im in a better mood coz he makes me laugh n stuff but i was still extremly pissed! so finally i left and me n corey went to the concert and met jenn up there. anyone who didnt go to the sonicflood conert. missed soooo much. building 429 was THE BEST! go buy their cd on april 6th. trust me u wont forget it. and there again i got to see kirstie. and some others.... lol well anyways i went home went go bed then went to school today... talk about a boar war. uhg yep i get home go to the chiropractor get my back cracked then go to the gym and then go get food at chilli's now im sittin here typing this. i guess my life is going in waves. some days will be so great is unbelievable then other days i just wish i woulda never woke up. there is this guy ive been tryin to get to know at my church he seems really cool. but im so shy i just cant do it. there is nothing to say to him. so i just turn and walk away. its totally not fair coz  everything is gunna get messed up i can see it. but oh well i just have my days m ex boyfriend kyle is doing a lot better in that camp or whatever he is in if u wanna know more just ask me. its kind of a long story. but im talking to camden right now about my day and im getting distracted so ill write more later. peace

Posted at 3/23/2004 9:53:46 pm by lilbeckaboo
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Saturday, March 20, 2004
talk about a bore war!

uhg today was sooo gay! ok friday night omg was horrible. ok me n leigh ended up going to Gabe's 16th birthday party and freakin chuckee cheeses. lol so you kno errything is danty we were chillin with cody n branden. and me n jenn are on the floor finding tokens under rides and yeh jered n bethany walk in and yep that was cool. umm so cody took me n leigh home to my house and all the boys came in. john branden n cody. lol they are soo stupid and yep my rents came home. they left. i kno that all sounded like fun but trust me it was the total opposite! i stayed up till 2 in da morning online talkin to some people. which i was totally willing to do but i did have to wake up at 7 and be at work by like 8:15 i worked until 4:30 and it woulda been alright but corey burned his hand and went home early. so yeh i went shopping after that and then waited for leigh n cal to get here. cal dropped us off at the mall. mkay leigh is cursed everytime im there by myself like during work or after work or jsut by myself there are sooo many awesome people (guys) there and then when she comes its like they all disapear. lol its weird so yeh we were a total minority as usual and we walked over to the carnival once and oh geese it was even worse than the mall. so we went back and had something to eat... walked around, ran into raymond. um then decided to go back to the carnival just in case there were more people there. and we ran into larry n devin and that whole gang. and larry gave me 5 dollars to go buy me n leigh tickets to ride that ride that spins around and yeh anyways... lol we walked around with them forever and a year it seemed like. we watched these two black guys fight it was so sad me n leigh almost started crying. i hate it when people are helpless lying on the cold hard ground. its sooo cruel. :( so finally larry n them left and me n leigh left a few minutes later. went to mcdonalds got some food talked to trisha n them for a lil bit. and now im sittin here telling you how bad my weekend has turned out and how i have no life what so ever and i could go on and on forever! ahh! im taking sean's quote for one moment. " in a crouded room i feel so alone " uhg i dont get it. its like i could get anybody to be my friend or whatever if i really wanted it. and i do but i dont want to try. im very comfortable just being with leigh all the time.  but i guess i should come out of my comfort zone and start hanging out with some new friends. maybe even the guy ive been looking for, is right beneath my eyes. maybe hes been there all along. who knows. i guess i have a lot to think about. i better go to bed i got church in the morning. call if u need me
                                  rebeckaboo... ((leigh hehe))

Posted at 3/20/2004 11:45:56 pm by lilbeckaboo
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Wednesday, March 17, 2004
2 weeks later! lol

wow its been a while since ive written in this thing. well actually quite a bit has happend. um im guessing i wrote the last thing like a week or two ago.  well umm hmm lets see. nothin really happend the rest of the week after i went to sean's church. then that weekend i left for RVR with my youth group. wow fun stuff. i became really good friends with kirstie! love ya girl. sooooo glad we met. and we deffinatly have to do something soon. and can't forget trisha rachel n jackie. lol yall are great.  saturday night worship was so refreshing. i got my life back on track. i got a chance to get closer to jess landon my youth pastor's wife! geese i dunno what id do w/o you! but yeh saturday brought me to my knees in tears. i wouldnt have traded that night for anything. but RVR was great. it always is. oh if ur reading this wondering what RVR stands for. it's river valley ranch.  so you know i go to school on monday and fall asleep in 8th period. the school year and days are going extremly fast. and yeh i went to work and was extremly tired but i love cassie!!! lol and then i went to westlake for somethin. i dun remember exactly what it was. kinda an JROTC thing. umm yeh i fell asleep in 8th period on tuesday as well. and today was just a blah day nice n rainy you know. and once again yep u guessed it i fell asleep in 8th period. i went to work tonight and was alright  be invented some interesting "ben special" lol yeh i wont get into deatail but its great! lol umm well yeh tomorrow im prolly going to the gym. on friday hopefully me cassie n corey will all go do something. and on saturday night me n my youth pastor's wife jess and hopefully kirstie are going to see Annie and stone. i think its at 7. u should come. it should me mucho fun. umm sunday im going to church. finally i havnt been in like forever and year. lol then going to youth group at night and yeh dunno wut else. but thats been my week or past few weeks. so if u wanna do sumthin then u should kno the number. mucho love

Posted at 3/17/2004 8:16:28 pm by lilbeckaboo
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Wednesday, March 03, 2004
fun times

R.I.P Stephanie Esparza... youve been such an inspiration to me. you will always be in my heart never once will i nor anyone else forget you! youve touched soo many lives in ways that you couldnt even imagine. thank you so much you made me who i am today...

yes ive had that in the back of my mind all night and all day. but since she has told me to celebrate her life i am not dwelling on the fact she isn't here...... well tuesday i went to the mall with leigh we went serious shopping.. hehe..  umm about 6 we went the the movie theater and watched 50 first dates. funny movie.. deffinatly check it out.. :) umm then we walked back up to the mall only to find that chick fil a closed three hours early becuz the register broke down... lol sweet jesus.. so we walk up to see sean and ben standing in front like two bouncers... rather ben looked like a bouncer, sean just looked like his buddy... lol so we stood there with them for a while laughing forever and a year. ok yall if u dont know these two cool kids.. ur deff. gunna have to meet them.. lol heaven for bid i have never laughed so hard in my life before i met them... here's a taste of what happend... lol

becka: hahah thats a knee slapper sean
sean: yes yes i know
ben and leigh: becka if thats a knee slapper then why are u slapping ur face?
becka: (looking at sean)  i dont know ?!?!?
sean: haha becka YOU MISSED YOUR KNEE!

sean has those blonde moments all the time thats why he did sumthing that was worthy of a knee slap... but u know stupid me, i slapped my face instead of my knee. yeh dont ask lol but anyways so that was a fun night. then i woke up today went to school which went by extremly fast. right after that i went to work with a not so good attitude i wasnt so sure i was going to get along with one of the employees... turns out she is the coolest kat around lol cassie its ok we all have our frankie problems. :) then i worked a lil more and got off 15 minutes early so i could leave with ben to go to youth group to see sean. ok now first baptist church isnt the most exciting thing around... especially when your going to see ur friend megan.. and she just ironically has mono! lol love ya girl... but yes between ben and sean (( once again with the two funnies )) i didnt stop laughing. great times great times... on the way home me n ben got on the subject of girls and sean... lol no great details but ben if ur reading this i hope u have a good time falling asleep tonight. dont think too hard about it.. but if u ever happen to figure it out. u know my cell number hahaha :) so now that leaves me here sitting around waiting for megans silly butt to get back online becuz she always gets kicked off.. so until next time... toodles

                                                 ** ms. boo **

Posted at 3/3/2004 9:05:52 pm by lilbeckaboo
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Monday, March 01, 2004
same ole same ole

hey haus..
      well well lets see.... lets see what have i been up to lately? well two sundays ago i went to youth group and me n corey got in a huge fight yatta yatta yatta... anyways monday - friday was just umm well uneventful i guess. well friday night i cant really remember what i did... im guessing it was something with leigh.. lol then saturday i went to work sick as a dog.. at 4:30 i went home n yeh kinda had big plans but u know they fell through just like always.. but night wasnt really that bad i wont get into big deatails... i was just with the rents at the mexico restraunt then modells... to get summ uhg cheerleading shorts....yeh and ummm hmm well sunday i went to church and yep that was pretty boaring no one was really there... then sunday night me n leigh went to youth group which was actually enjoyable got to talk to adam n bobby n ppl like that...then today school went by extremely fast we have japanese exchange students there so in my latin glass we made sum oragami stuff. n yep i went to work tonight and man i dunno wut i'd do w/o sean n ben... lol they are the greatest... ive never laughed so hard in my life... I LOVE YOU GUYS! ill just leave it at that...  lol then umm well oh yeh aniba and louis tried to talk to me in spanish when i was leaving.. yeh that deffinatly didnt work... lol and tonight im sitting home on a night where we have no school tomorrow leigh and i were supposed to go to the movies but yep u know how parents get... umm tomorrow night ill prolly go to leigh's youth group with her... then wed. im going to work then to youth group with megan... lol gangster nation all the way! then thursday im going to young life with a bunch of peeps... and umm that brings me to friday which i really couldnt tell u what ima be well well i think ima go watch a movie in my room... toodles

Posted at 3/1/2004 10:00:26 pm by lilbeckaboo
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Sunday, February 22, 2004

hey popie!
      well well well. on friday night me n leigh went out to the mall and while we were standing in line amberly ran up n grabbed my only amber only amber. so we talk to all them for a lil bit and then i talked to ben n sean and how i came to see sean and not to get my paycheck and yeh long story. anywho me augie corey n leigh went to the movie theater but we ran into mark n billy..and we all fit in his 4 person car and went through 6 cartons of just random places round waldorf. yep that was fun then me n leigh came home round 12. n went to bed at like 1.30 then woke up at 9 and went to the mall so i could go to was pretty boaring today no one was really there interesting.. ben n sean came up to the mall and sean didnt say hi to me! lil penis but my boyfriend ben isj so then i got off work and came home got ready went to go pick up amberly anthony n leigh at the holiday inn and drove down to eddie's house in port tobacco and the party was alright i mostly chilled with tiff! i love yoo girl.. lol then amberly n anthony left and me n leigh just chilled till her mom got there and now im sittin here at home bout to go to bed coz i gotta go to virgnia tomorrow.. lol but i get to see my girl alison!! yay but yep so i guess ima go so ill write more lata... mwah
              ! :)
its my birthday and i got two calls! lol but its better than none right? right!

Posted at 2/22/2004 12:01:20 am by lilbeckaboo
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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

howdy there...well monday i went to work which was pretty funny but boaring at the same time... tuesday i went back to work and faught with corey just like usual...and sean n ben came up b4 they went to their movie. lol then we left and sadly there was no snow in the parking lot..well i got home n watched some more lion king and then took a shower n went to bed. today everything was just blah n then i come home n just sit here on the computer doin the same ol same ol...then i go finish watching lion king and ate sum honey roasted peanuts ((mmm yummy)) then i figured out my plans so friday night amberly me leigh n amber are all spendin the night at the holiday inn!! lol then they are takin me to work and then me n heather n leigh are going to eddie stones party from 7 to 11 then i am waking up n going to virginia to go to a new church the manassas assembly of god. n i get to see my bestest gurl alison!! yay lol n then we are all going out to lunch and then i might come home to youth group.  so ima have a pretty good weekend. tomorrow night im going to work then im waitin for bre to come pick me up from work n then we are going to young life at 7:30. i cant wait i havnt been in like forever! so yep well im on the phone w/ corey fighting with him just as usual. so ima catch yall later. mwah
                                        boo ya! :)

Posted at 2/18/2004 7:56:25 pm by lilbeckaboo
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Sunday, February 15, 2004
v-day... blah!

ok so yeh thursday was a blah day. and friday i had an ortho appointment at like 3 and after that me n mom went to the mall n went shopping for valentines day. and i introduced her to my boss, and he was saying really nice things about me which is always a good energy booster. and so that made me feel good. anyways after that i came home and then went back out with corey n andrew n sum other ppl to see barber shop 2... hallarious movie guys im tellin ya! so yeh that takes care of friday. then saturday ( valentines day ) i had to work from 10:30 - 4:30 which wasnt too bad considering corey ricardo andrew ben and sean where all working. yeh v-day was very uneventful for me, i stayed home by myself and watched lion king and a half ( hakuna matata! ) lol with my dog. while my rents went out to eat. my bro came over for a few hot seconds w/ his girl... ( blah i hope she dies lol ) sorry i just had to get that out. then i went to bed got up sunday and went to church. i saw my girl amber cleaveland. geezums i aint talk to her in a hot minute. so yeh me n my family decided to go to annapolis. and for once my bro came which was freakin hallarious. we went to sum mexican restraunt called "on the border" their food was ok i guess... then we went to borders and i got the john mayer and jason mraz cd's we stayed there for a lil bit... and then i kept bugging my dad to go to the navel academy... coz i really wanna go to college there. so we drove around there for a lil bit then drove around old annapolis and then walked up to a few souveneir stores...and u know my bro happend to do one of the funniest, remind me to kill him later here let me explain. mom n dad walked into sum bakery n we kept walking up the street and we passed a bunch of midshipmen in uniform. and he just had to open his mouth and say my sister wants to talk to u guys... so off the top of my head i had to think of sumthin to say so i wouldnt look dumb.. instead i came up with this... " i just wanted to put on one of ur guy's hats and take a picture with u " i mean common now wtf? lol i coulda done a lot bettet...but hey i got a pic with the sailors so its all good. yeh we stayed there and walked around.. n then came home n now im sitting here being bored coz corey took jenn to his uncle's house for the second time w/o inviting me even tho he promised she wouldnt go the next time and i would. but w/e im sick of him like for real. next weekend im going to jersey... YAHOO! n then the weekend after that im going to virginia for the weekend to see my girl alison. but yep ima bounce im gettin a lil tired. no school tomorrow nooka!!
                                              BOO YA! ;)

Posted at 2/15/2004 7:07:04 pm by lilbeckaboo
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Wednesday, February 11, 2004
mad busy

well hey there cutie!!
          geezums ive been mad busy lately...well i went to jersey this past n smami rode up to the maryland and met berber dikki n mom there...and the ride back to jersey was mad fun!! just like old times right amber? right!  lol but yeh on friday we had a whole bunch of peeps over amber's house. i met robbie anthony michael n kyle... i love it there. everyone likes to say * mad * nd now i do too...lolon saturday we woke up n went to get anthony and went to cherry hill mall...n i almost freaked out on the taco bell girl. and anthony ate like what was 7 1/2 tacos out of the 10 he bought?!? lol yelp amber he's a winner...lmao
then we went back home and chilled until we went to some chicks party for like a hot second but that wasnt happenin so we went back to anthony's house and while amber n anthony n sami n richard did wutever in their own rooms...i sat on the couch and watched 2 hours worth of bull riding... ok u guys after watching it for two hours out of nothing but extreme boardum u start to like it and think its funny when the guy flies off the bull...i would really suggest watching an hour or maybe if two of it :) lol yelp so then sunday we got up early n went to church. we chilled the rest of the day until it was time to drive back to the maryland house to meet my rents... :( but now im home and im going back up in 2 or 3 weeks.. i dunno yet. but yelp i have no plans for valentines day. except a date with my TV while my rents go out..but yeh thats nuthing new so anyways if u wanna do sumthing on saturday night then u know the number. well anyways yeh on i went to work at 4:30 and i made andrew clean the bathrooms coz there was no way i was gunna do that for the 4th time in a row. lol so i had to clean the chootes ( shoots ) and i was too short to reach at the top so i was called * vertically disabled * by benjamin hanson...thank you ben lol but yep then i held leigh's hand while she got her ear peirced. and yeh tuesday nothing really happend at work cept jered stopped by with his girl and said hey which was pretty cool and then my ray babi came by n said hey! then today i got up early and drove to westminister maryland for an MASC meeting. convention is back to OCEAN CITY BABY! and the felix simon award isnt due till MARCH 3RD!! heck yea...only a few select ppl will kno wut im talkin bout but yep. lol anyways ima bounce coz i got a lot of work to make up since i wasnt in school today...ill write more later mwah
                                           BOO YA!

Posted at 2/11/2004 6:15:30 pm by lilbeckaboo
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